Spaceship Days

Spaceship Days

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's All Indie!

  We of Spaceship Days are pleased to announce our nomination for Best Pop Artist in the 2012 All Indie Music Awards.  Sponsored by All Indie Magazine and The Great Unknown Presents podcast, the goal of the AIMAs  is to recognize independent artists from around the world in a showcase to take place in Hollywood CA, during Grammys week. There are many excellent artists involved, in quite a few categories.

  Listeners will determine the final few nominees with the winner decided by a panel of judges. Voting is easy. There is nothing to register; no form to fill, or mailing list to sign up for. No muss, no fuss.

  A vote for Spaceship Days takes just one mouse click.



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Saturday, October 8, 2011

From One Indie to Another: 4 Reasons Why You Should Support Your Local Music Scene

We go and see a lot of shows.

  Most of the time, bands are pretty good, occasionally not so much, but sometimes they turn out to be very good or even exceptional.  Now and again we'll come across one that's of the kick ass variety which is to exceptional what The Hulk is to May Parker.

  Recently we saw a band that was of the latter sort, a Raleigh, NC group called The Design

  Their fantastic performance got us to thinking about those nights when we just decide to stay in, and miss out on shows in our venue rich neighborhood.

 Well, we shouldn't have.

 Why?  Here are 4 Reasons You Should Support Your Local Music Scene.

1.  Branching Out

  As an artist, what better way to meet people to expand on your list of contacts, swap gigs with, tell war stories, and talk to people who really understand whats its like to walk a mile carrying your guitar case? As a fan: if you like band A, and they are playing with band B, there's a good possibility you'll like band B as well.  Musos are adept at crafting complimentary bills, and now you have a new artist to jam out to in your car.

2.  It's Yours

    Ever since Seattle took over the world in the early 90's someone has been proclaiming a city, or region The Next...whatever.  Technology might have made such a concept obsolete, but there's still something to be said about the little extra bit of swag that comes from knowing the bands in your town are great.  If you're one of them, it helps you elevate your game. If you're one that loves them, it gives you something to share with people who complain about not having any 'good new stuff' on their MP3 player.

3. Meet Girls (or Boys)

  Pop. Rock. Hip-hop. Metal. Electronica. It comes by many different names, but music brings people together.  For you single types you can't do much better for a built in ice-breaker than to talk about the band you just saw.

4.  You Might Be Missing Out On Something Awesome

 Wouldn't it be cool to have seen that 'next big thing' in a little club up the street, then had a chat and an adult beverage with them?  Its probably happening somewhere right now. Next time it could even be happening to you.

  But only if you're at the show.