Spaceship Days

Spaceship Days

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just Like Back in the Day

  Once upon a time, I had the coolest job any band person could ever ask for.  I worked in a record store.

  Besides being in the enviable position of talking about, listening to, and more or less breathing in music all day long, I got a (meager) paycheck and had an instant icebreaker for every pretty lady who walked in wanting to buy a CD.*
  *It was: "Are you looking for anything special today?" Never said I was smooth.

 I was also able and quite willing to talk to every musician who came in to post a flyer, every club owner who sold tickets through our store, and every Joe, Bob, and Judy with big dreams of music mogul-hood. 

  Some of the most valuable things I learned during those wild years, were all of the varied and interesting ways bands and artists promoted themselves.  This all happened before the Internet Revolution, so musicians were doing everything at 'street level' armed with nothing but their wits, moxie, and whatever money they could scrape together. Every day was a lesson in DIY.

 One of the really interesting phenomena from that time was the 7" vinyl single. Two bands would work together to release it. One group would have a song on the "A" side, the other on the "B". There was quite a bit of that sort of inter-artist cooperation at that time, although it eventually started to fade away.

We thought, why not bring it back?

 After a chat with our friends in the excellent band Haunting Heather , who had just had a song mixed by Greg - our very own producer and guitarist extraordinaire, we decided to do just that.

On December 24th 2011 Monochrome Daydream  will favor ears across the world with two brand new songs from our bands, in the truest spirit of indie artist cooperation.  Just like back in the day.  

 Find Monochrome Daydream in our Store beginning Christmas Eve.

  Naughty or Nice, we hope you enjoy it.