Spaceship Days

Spaceship Days

Saturday, April 28, 2012

How I Joined Spaceship Days: A Drummer's Tale.

Auditioning for a band is an arduous task! 

 It's tedious.  It's nerve racking.  It's an all out hassle- a fight to the death to find people who actually work well with each other.

 Playing the drums now for over 10 years, I've had my share of auditioning and, while it's essential, it sucks.   Luckily, finding the talented crew in Spaceship Days was none of the above. I first heard the song Hanging From the Satellites after Bass-master Chuck contacted me for audition, and I was blown away at the quality of the recording.

  What astounded me even more is that It was only recorded by 3 people- sans a drummer, no less! Fresh out of playing in a failed metal band, I needed wanted to change my style and who I played with completely, and this was how to do it.  We agreed to meet that same week. The music coming out of that room  was refreshing and upbeat!  Gone were the dark tones and off key singing (or lack thereof) that I had become so accustomed to... 

 This was pop music at it's finest.  

  Greg and Chuck were very straightforward. There was no BS; just playing what was meant to be played, and I am happy to say I played it well.  After all was said and done, I am proud to be the official drummer for Spaceship Days!

I'm glad to be working and performing with them, and for all of our fine friends and fans as well!  Thank you!!

Rock On,

Rob Beeghly