Spaceship Days

Spaceship Days

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Want to be a Space Cadet?

  It all began with an inquisitive feline.

Sitting in my favorite chair, riveted by a favorite Russ Meyer classic, I failed to notice that my favorite movie beverage mug had been placed somewhat precariously on my favorite table.

 Enter the kitty cat. Doubtless in the last seven years he had climbed, clawed at and /or sniffed every thing I own, but somehow he manages to find the most inopportune moments to do so all over again.  Glued as my eyes were to the television, it wasn't until the distinctive crash of something that was once whole being made less so that I realized what was happening.

 Mr. Furious eyed me with the regal indifference common to his kind, but not before giving me one of those lazy slow head nods toward what he had so callously done.

  There was profanity, and quite a bit of soaking from the water pistol I employ when the pet imperiousness in my household starts to infringe on my own (perceived)  alpha male status.

  A devoted friend since the college years, my Batman mug lay in ruin on the floor. As I lamented, cleaning up the pieces and laying them to rest in their own hallowed trash bag, the villain of the piece calmly dried himself, then came to me and demanded that his ears be scratched.

 Though grieving, I still understood the need to replace my movie watching drinking receptacle. That would mean a new mug--but what could be as dear to me as the cape and cowl wearing mad man whom I'd followed since youth?

 The answer, as it happened, was pretty simple.

 I needed a SPACESHIP DAYS  mug.

  To the internet...!

 A few hours later, my problem was solved, something new to call my favorite was en route.  I smiled a little bit then, secure in the knowledge that I'd once again have something to sip out of while enjoying my second favorite pastime.

 I'm not ashamed to admit the smile became a little happy dance when I realized that Spaceship Days finally had Merchandise. All manner of apparel and trinkets had been created during my quest, and we'd like to share them with the world.

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

You can browse the Spaceship Days Launching Pad at:
and use the page to customize your own gear by mixing and matching colors, and styles.

So go on....get yourself an apron or a, hoodie, or a magnet for your 'fridge.

Be a Space Cadet. Just like us.


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