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Spaceship Days

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Particulars of Inspiration:"Last Kiss on Earth"

   You might not know this, but the members of Spaceship Days take their entertainments very seriously. We watch a lot of movies. Some of us (OK one of us) reads a lot of books--some of which don't even have pictures.

 Early one lazy evening, Chuck and I were watching one of our favorite post apocalyptic/sci fi vehicles. As we tend to do in times like that, we started talking about how we'd do things in our movie. It would involve a spaceship called The Minerva, and possibly monsters--or maybe aliens. There was some talk of a comet too. Usually we never make it much farther than that point because we  get to chatting about music.

 This time, I got a picture trapped in my head.

   Songs are born of many things... a personal tragedy, a passing melody, a happy accident.
"Last Kiss on Earth" was born of that reoccurring image.
 Two people locked in a slow motion embrace as the world around them "literally" fell apart.
Burning palm trees, ash-choked sky, violent-otherworldly winds... burned out buildings that stood like tired fossils, heaving in the skyline. I tried to imagine what their story was... not the world around them (save that for another song) Why would they chose to spend their last moments together?
And even if their life together had been "less than perfect" at least maybe it meant something. At least they felt something.

And as the world comes down around them they find eternity in a kiss.
"and if the sun burns out without a sound / put your lips against my mouth / hold your breath dear / no one's left here"

Who would you choose to be with?

And would they choose to be with you?

* For maximum enjoyment the members of Spaceship Days recommend one rock out to this song with headphones set to the highest volume.


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  1. Now that is very exciting and I want to get in line to see it already. Wow! Your imaginations are just amazing....Keep it all coming and keep entertaining and Rocin the music. love you guys!!