Spaceship Days

Spaceship Days

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Who are you again ?"

"Who is Spaceship Days?"

That was the question we saw hanging in a comment box on a popular social networking site. It looked like an accusation of sorts, poised just below a link to our first Promo Video  like a finger in the face. "How dare you post this!" it seemed to say " Because I've never heard of you!"

  It only took a moment's consideration for us to unclench, and approach the question from an entirely different direction. It was a fair one, after all.

"Who are we?"

Well, there are people who know about the music, but it occurred to us that some of those same people might want to know a little bit more about the band's dynamic: our processes and pet peeves and such; the-which-guy-does-which-thing of it all.

 So we decided to share.

First, we should probably tell you about the absolutes. Every band has them, some artists even get documentaries or tried and true rock & roll anecdotes about theirs. Ours aren't terribly dramatic, nothing about no brown M &Ms or some such, but we take them seriously nevertheless.

We are absolutely...

fanatical devotees of the Great Yarmoth, England band (The) Catherine Wheel, and eagerly await the reunion tour--for which we'd gladly be the opener.

We absolutely...
...enjoy watching movies together. We really, really like movies: Back to the Future, Aliens, Karate Kid & Anything with Indiana Jones to name a few. It can also be noted, that between the three of us we've probably seen the Star Wars films more times than George Lucas.

...have a difficult time keeping a drummer. We are unsure why this is, except for the fact that we may not truly understand how much effort goes in to actually playing said instrument.

...will not perform in a Sports Bar, or in any venue with big TV's that have sports playing (where we can see them). Its just too difficult to handle band business while simultaneously trying to see who won.

 Spaceship Days itself is a three headed monster,but if you pry them all apart, you're left with a trio fellows who have spent more time with each other than most anyone else in the world. 


Age: Eldest
Height: 6'
Build:   Adonis-like
Role in Spaceship Days: Multi Instrumentalist, Engineer, Producer, Logic Center
Favorite Bands: Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Our Lady Peace, Counting Crows, Coldplay
Influences: David Gilmour, Peter Buck, Brian Futter
Little Known Fact: Daydreams about smoking celebratory cigars
Guilty Pleasure: Sailing at high speeds (windsurfing and Hobie catamarans)
Historical Figure He'd Most Like to Hang With: Thomas Jefferson
Musical Figure He'd Most Like to Hang With: Rob Dickinson

Greg is the wizard behind the curtain that's behind the great green glowing spaceship. He's solely responsible for the overall production of every piece of Spaceship Days music.  He tweaks the knobs. He pushes the buttons. He sets the all the levels and works the sonic magic that brings forth our Exo-pop sound.


Age: Middle
Height: 6'4.5"
Build:  Chiseled
Role in Spaceship Days: Bassist, Blogger, Manager, Monkey Wrench
Favorite Bands: Queen, David Bowie, The Beatles, Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins
Influences:  Paul McCartney, Robert Deleo, Colin Greenwood, Dave Hawes
Little Known Fact: Refuses to watch any DVD not in widescreen aspect
Guilty Pleasure:  Never feels guilty about them
Historical Figure He'd Most Like To Hang With:  Miyamoto Musashi
Musical Figure He'd Most Like to Hang With:  Robert Nesta Marley

Chuck is The Man. He is a rock-star in every sense. When he walks into a room the atmosphere changes and everyone wants to be his friend.  He makes the Master Plans and spreads our musical seeds far and wide. Never lacking for words, he gives the pep talks, and the pitches. He steers the spaceship in the direction we all want it to go.


Age: Youngest
Height: 6'3'
Build: Distance Runner Athletic
Role in Spaceship Days: Vocalist, Lyricist, Chief Songwriter, Devil's Advocate
Favorite Bands: Duran Duran, Mew, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Silverchair
Influences: Chuck & Greg
Little Known Fact: Terrified of Clowns
Guilty Pleasure: John Denver & The Muppets Christmas album
Historical Figure He'd Most Like To Hang With: Carl Sagan
Musical Figure He'd Most Like to Hang With:  Bono

Matt is the voice, the mind, the heart, and all the guts of Spaceship Days. Without him, all the songs would be dueling bass and guitar solos twisted around weak melodies with nonsensical lyrics and punctuated by crappy singing. He is the one who gets up in the middle of the night and pulls out an acoustic guitar to create another pop masterpiece.

That's us in a nutshell, three average guys with an exceptionally cool side job. Now--the next time some one asks you who we are, you'll know exactly what to tell them.

M, C, & G


  1. cant belive i found you guys on face book,i listen to music 12 to 14 hours a day at work and i know good music and spaceship days is good music.that drummer situation i say look for a hot female drummer.instinct leads me to belive that to be the solution.later john m

  2. Thank you John! You know,it's funny you mention that about the drummer...