Spaceship Days

Spaceship Days

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Year That Will Be...


Its still sort of funny, looking at those numbers all strung together; I spent most of my youth thinking that Skynet would have taken over the world by now. Still--here we are, a few days deep into a new decade. Long enough to recover from celebrations, break those resolutions, and go back to work.

Like most, Spaceship Days has a lengthy to-do list for the coming year. We plan on finishing up our new EP Welcome to the Plastic Empire, and continuing our series of collaborations with Marcel Agterhuis (who has done work with Duran Duran, Coldplay, & Depeche Mode). We're going to enjoy being on the All Artists Galactic Records compilation Aliens & Humans Collide.  We'll probably make another video, and even write a blog or two.  I personally resolve to finally break down and purchase that acoustic bass I've been pining over, uness of course someone wants to slide one over to us on the next Spaceship Days gift giving holiday (there are two in June)

 Our list also includes some of the hopes we have for others.  We hope our siblings all reach their own goals this year. We hope S finally gets started on her solo album. We hope our wives win the lottery.

 So too, have we hopes for our music - type friends. For many of them, we think 2011 will be a great year, and we'll be on the lookout for the news.  

...we've got our ears on you.

  Ultimately though, one can never tell what the future will bring. All you can do is prepare for it as best you can, then charge ahead face first, with your eyes on the prize and a song on your lips. As for the year that will be...check back with us in twelve months so we can tell you how it went.


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