Spaceship Days

Spaceship Days

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It Ain't Easy Being Indie

It keeps happening more and more. We like it less and less.



This past week another indie friendly music site went offline for good.


  Just under a year and a half ago, Spaceship Days was beginning first tentative steps toward the launch of Operation:  Spread Our Music Everywhere .  We started posting a few of our songs here and there online, on sites we’d stumbled across or had recommended to us by friends. 


Wohomusic was one of those sites.




 By then we were getting a little better at the ritual of signing up, adding songs and putting up a picture or three, so it only took about an hour. Before too long wohomusic selected our song “A Little Extraordinary” as a nominee for Track of the Month.


 We won, and a few weeks later received a prize in the form of a t shirt and a very cool framed certificate.  Both came right to the front door, free of charge.


 In the grand scheme of this chaotic ,throbbing, and occasionally confounding  galaxy called  Indie Music, the victory might not have been as important as the discovery of a new quasar, or a star going supernova  but it meant ten forest moons of Endor to the three of us. 


  ‘People are listening, ' it said ' and they like what they hear.’  


  Ultimately, that’s what everyone who sings or plays an instrument wants ; the realization cemented our belief in what it is we are doing, and set the tone for the next several months we spent on woho. It was there where we did one of our first interviews. There where we began our first foray into blogging. More importantly, it was there on site where we made a few good new friends. We will always appreciate those gifts.


     But here’s the thing – we music making types sometimes forget about the people behind those platforms that we use to spread our art across the cosmos. Like us, many of these people do what they do for the love of it, and for the belief that there is good, quality, independent music out there that needs to be heard.  Like us, some  work ‘day’ jobs and build and run these sites with money from their own (sometimes unremarkable) pockets. Like us, they spend hour upon hour refining, and upgrading, updating and corresponding. Like us, they practice and learn.


 They help us get the word out, and sometimes we forget all of the hard work involved.


  To the founders and crew of Wohomusic:  We appreciate all of your support, and are glad to have been a part of the great community that you built with little more than toil and enthusiasm. Best of luck with whatever life has in store for you.


Likewise to every DJ, Web Host, Blogger, Cross Promoter, Chronic Tweeter,  Interviewer, Site Maker, and Tune Sharing Artist Lover who support independent music of any kind: 


  Thank you for your tireless effort, and dedication to supporting the Cause we all share. None of us could do this without you.




M, C, & G


  1. Hey Guys.. I just stumbled upon this very nice little blog. It really is appreciated and if more bands like yourselves participated in woho, it may have taken a completely different direction.

    All's good though and we're all individually enjoying what we do and are so glad that we had the opportunities to meet as many awesome bands like Spaceship Days while we were running the site and are still out there trying to take in as much new music we can! :-)


  2. That's great to hear Debs.
    Thank you!