Spaceship Days

Spaceship Days

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Play Well With Others

  For as long as I can remember, Matt has been a fan of Depeche Mode. I however, was not.


All that changed in the three minutes and thirty or so seconds it took for me to hear the acoustic version of their song Personal Jesus. Suddenly, I wanted to go off and listen to as much of their music as quickly as I could beam it directly into my brain. Instead of telling me 'I told you so' (which I imagine he really wanted to)  Matt quoted Martin Gore.


  " A great song will sound great with any treatment" Matt intoned with Jedi-esque wisdom, "whether it's keyboard pop with a full on symphony or stripped down to just a boy and his old acoustic guitar -- that last part wasn't Gore, it was me."  he added with a grin.


Any treatment indeed.


 It was that philosophy that kept our minds  thrown wide open when we crossed paths with veteran remixer  Marcel Agterhuis. There was a little anxiety involved, its true; the three of us have worked together long enough that we weren't sure what to expect of another creative lad wanting to jump into our sandbox. Would he hog all the toys, or unload with the hose and get everything all muddy?  The only way to know was to just set up the play date, and see what happened. So we did. And were glad for it.


  Marcel took our song My Life With You and shaped it into something a little bit different.


The  My Life With You (Cold Blue Stars REMIX )  

and  My Life With You (First Kiss on the Moon REMIX)  are the result of his attentions.  


These songs are the first collaboration of this sort for us and we enjoyed the results. More than that, we enjoyed learning that we can play well with others after all.





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