Spaceship Days

Spaceship Days

Monday, November 21, 2011

Everything Is Something to Someone.

Art is subjective. It always has been, and always will be, I get that.

  But enough already.

  All the ranting about this genre, or that genre not being "Real" music is just silly. Not caring for something doesn't strip it of its value to another set of ears.You can't ( shouldn't) knock somebody for painting in colors you might not use. Unfortunately, it seems that musos are guilty of this quite often.

 Shame on you.

 Think back and remember when your parents said the something similar about the newly acquired album (or cassette!) blaring in your bedroom.

 "You just don't get it." is what I said. And they didn't, but maybe they weren't supposed to.

 Music exists to make a listener laugh, scream, protest, cry, grin, pump a fist, reminisce, jump, wiggle a bum, tap a toe, relax, get hype, persevere and on and on and on...

If it does so, then the music has served its noble purpose: To make someone feel something.  
That is all.

Music can do that whether it has guitars in it or not.

So please, unclench, keep breathing, and let the art be art.




  1. Every genre has something worth listening to, its just a case of looking, just because the mainstream acts of certain genre's maybe somewhat on the poor side, doesn't mean it all is